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Teaching Philosophy

My journey to becoming a teacher has been one of the most challenging yet exciting adventures I have decided to pursue. I am a career switcher, and I earned my Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Tech in Political Science with a minor in Sociology and my Master of Arts in Education: Curriculum and Instruction, primarily focusing on the field of Instructional Design and Technology. I am currently working on an additional Master of Science in Education to complete the requirements for licensure in the state of Virginia.


As an educator, I believe a significant part of my role is creating a learning environment conducive to meeting the needs of each of my students. Each student is unique, which is a quality that we should celebrate. I believe the classroom should be where students are excited to come in and feel comfortable. Teachers are tasked every day to lead, encourage creativity, show compassion, and be dedicated to the process of getting each of our students to acquire skills that not only assist them in succeeding academically but socially. Teachers are unique in that we hold this tremendous responsibility of providing knowledge that spans various disciplines and prepares students to tackle life after they are done with school. To me, that is an extraordinary opportunity.


As a teacher, I am dedicated to:

  • Being a consultant and trusted listener

  • Providing a safe learning environment for all students

  • Creating an environment that fosters and encourages mutual admiration and respect

  • Providing positive feedback while also making suggestions that promote student growth and progress

  • Providing accessible and a variety of options when it comes to instructional materials, assessments, and assignments

  • Creating excitement when it comes to learning

  • Becoming a learner myself, students can teach me a lot

  • Encouraging curiosity and investigation

  • Celebrating progress no matter how little

  • Sharing my classroom with parents

  • Continuously seek professional development opportunities reflecting upon my teaching.

  • Being a friendly, supportive, and approachable teacher

  • Letting students be active in their learning and develop ownership of their education. This classroom is theirs as well.

  • Show appreciation and respect in observing our parallels as well as our dissimilarities.

  • Setting high expectations for myself and my students

  • Allowing students the opportunity to show me their learning in different ways

  • Using a variety of teaching strategies to cater to a variety of learning styles

Classroom Management

As a teacher, I feel it is essential to provide a safe and fun learning environment for my students. A safe learning environment is a critical component of creating a learning environment that is safe and enjoyable for students.



  • Be respectful

  • Listen and Follow Directions

  • Come prepared with all items required for daily class, additionally any items listed for a specific lessons

  • Be Attentive

  • Enjoy the learning experience



1. Model positive behavior

2. Treat the students with respect.

3. Be fair and consistent. Deal with misbehavior quickly and respectfully.

4. Admit your mistakes and keep your sense of humor.

5. Communicate, clarify, and encourage students to ask questions.

6. Utilize redirection techniques as needed

7. Create a calming corner in the classroom

8. Set the rules with the students.

9. Develop a flexible daily routine

10. Make learning exciting and fun for the students.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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