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I am an Instructional Designer with years of experience specializing in curriculum development, eLearning, and content strategy. A strong history of collaborating with cross-functional teams to build innovative learning solutions. Adept at using learning technology, universal design principles, and blended approaches to design programs

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My Story

Becoming an educator has been one of the most challenging yet exciting adventures I have decided to pursue. I am a career switcher, and I earned my Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Tech in Political Science with a minor in Sociology and my Master of Arts in Education: Curriculum and Instruction, primarily focusing on the field of Instructional Design and Technology. I am currently working on an additional Master of Science in Education to complete the requirements for licensure in the state of Virginia.


As an educator, I believe a significant part of my role is creating a learning environment conducive to meeting the needs of each of my students. Each student is unique, which is a quality that we should celebrate. I believe the classroom should be where students are excited to come in and feel comfortable. Teachers are tasked daily to lead, encourage creativity, show compassion, and be dedicated to getting each of our students to acquire skills that assist them in succeeding academically and socially. Teachers are unique in that we hold this tremendous responsibility of providing knowledge that spans various disciplines and prepares students to tackle life after they are done with school. To me, that is an extraordinary opportunity.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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